WordPress MySQL database error: Table is marked as crashed and should be repaired

After a few days out on a relaxing vacation, I came back and eager to  check my blog only to find out that I cannot login to the admin section. Instead of the usual login page, it forwarded to the upgrade database section. Something tells me this is not right. I never upgrade my WP nor installed any plugin before I left.

There is the usual button asking if I  want to upgrade the database. With the thought that I have 2 weeks worth of database backup, I proceeded with the upgrade process only to encounter the error below:

WordPress database error: [Table ‘./mydb_wrdp3/wp_options’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired]
INSERT INTO wp_options (option_name, option_value, autoload) VALUES (‘users_can_register’, ‘0’, ‘yes’)


I hit F5 and refresh to isolate any browser conflict that may have arise and tried the upgrade again. Still, it won’t proceed with the upgrade so as a last resort I decided to repair the tables/db. This can be remedied by running a repair on your MySQL database from inside your cPanel.

NOTE: Before proceeding with the process below, make sure you have a backup of you database. You can make a backup using phpMyadmin. You have been warned.

To run a MySQL repair on all tables:

  • Login to the database using phpMyAdmin client.  This is usually found in CPanel tools. db_left
  • Click the name of the database on the left hand side and wait until all the tables has loaded.
  • You should see all of the tables of your selected database. db_tables
  • On the right hand side scroll to the bottom.  Click on "Check All"
  • From the drop-down menu "With selected" drop down box choose "Repair table" from the list.
  • If everything works out, you will see the something like the image below. success_db_repaired
  • If this doesn’t fix it, you can try going back and running the repair once more.
  • Clicking on the database name again should show no overhead for any of the tables.
  • You should be able to login again from the wp-admin page. That’s it!
    After going through this process and it did not solve your issue, I suggest to contact your hosting provider and engage their assistance……


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