WordPress Automatic Upgrade: Fatal error Cannot redeclare pclziputilpathreduction()

There is a minor WordPress update today, version 2.7.1. Since v2.7, they have introduced an automatic update feature that is part of the core WP. It will detect and compare your current installed version against the latest available in WordPress repository.

If you have v2.7, you should see the following once you login as admin.


Clicking on the “Please update now” link should bring you to the upgrade page:


As a precautionary move, I first check that I have the latest backup including DB and I hit “Upgrade Automatically”. Normally it should update say upgrade successfully but instead I encountered this error:

Downloading update from http://wordpress.org/wordpress-2.7.1.zip

Unpacking the core update

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare pclziputilpathreduction() (previously declared in /home/myhome/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-automatic-upgrade/lib/pclzip.lib.php:5421) in /home/myhome/public_html/wp-admin/includes/class-pclzip.php on line 5498


I tried it on my other WP sites and encountered the same issue. I guess it has something to do with plugins as most issues encountered on WP are related to plugins. I went to the plugin page and inspected each and every plugin I have installed. And there you go, It may be conflicting with WPAU or WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin by Keith Dsouza.


This plugin has the functionality as the name says to upgrade WordPress automatically. You just follow a series of questions and you will end with an upgraded version. This plugin has done its job perfectly prior to v2.7 version.

I deactivated WPAU and tried the upgrade again using the functionality provided by WP core. This time, it went without a hitch:


This just means the function provided by WPAU is so important that it got incorporated in the WP core. I very much agree. I guess I can say that WPAU can retire now and thank you very much.


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