VMware ESXi: Free Hypervisor for everyone

VMware just released their bare-metal hypervisor for FREE, it’s the little brother of ESX Server. Some of its main selling points are:

Bare-metal architecture. VMware ESXi inserts a robust virtualization layer directly on the server hardware for near-native virtual machine performance, reliability and scalability.

Small Footprint. VMware ESXi’s 32MB disk footprint is a fraction of the size of a general purpose operating system, reducing complexity and providing unmatched security and reliability.

Server Integration. VMware ESXi is available built into server hardware as an embedded component, simplifying and speeding deployment of virtualization.

CPU virtualization. Increase server utilization without the risk of critical services being starved for CPU resources. VMware ESXi uses intelligent process scheduling and load balancing across available processors to manage the execution of virtual machine processing.


Create Virtual Machines Quickly and Easily
  • Step through the menu-driven startup and automatic configurations and you’ll have virtual machines set up and running within minutes of booting your server.
  • Create your own virtual machine or import a virtual appliance with direct integration between VMware ESXi and the VMware Virtual Appliance Marketplace.
  • Deploy servers that have VMware ESXi embedded to experience true “plug and play” virtualization.
Reliably Run Multiple Operating Systems on a Single Server
  • Deploy mature hypervisor technology that is proven in tens of thousands of customer environments
  • Minimize risk by deploying the only operating system independent hypervisor and avoid the security hardening, user access control and anti-virus tasks associated with an OS
  • Choose from the broadest range of supported guest operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Netware, and Solaris
  • Learn more about the fault-tolerant features in VMware ESXi such as storage multipathing and NIC teaming
Get Higher Consolidation Ratios for the Most Resource Intensive Applications
  • Run email, databases, ERP and other resource-intensive applications on VMware ESXi’s bare-metal architecture offering advanced memory management and support for scaled-up physical and virtual machines
  • Run virtual machines at twice the consolidation ratio possible with other first-generation hypervisors and minimize your hardware costs
Remotely Perform Management Tasks Such As Configuration, Maintenance, Patches and Updates
  • Get point-and-click management for your ESXi host and its virtual machines using the intuitive graphical interface of VMware Infrastructure Client.
  • Take snapshots of your virtual machines and roll back changes when testing patches or updates, monitor performance and resource utilization, and perform basic hardware component monitoring.
Seamlessly Upgrade to VMware Infrastructure
  • Upgrading to VMware Infrastructure 3, the most widely deployed virtual infrastructure suite in the market, is as simple as adding a license file.
  • VMware Infrastructure delivers improved service levels and operational efficiency by enabling centralized management, automatic load balancing, business continuity, power management and the ability to live migrate a virtual machine across physical machines to minimize service interruption.
  • The capabilities of VMware Infrastructure are supported on both VMware ESXi and VMware ESX.
Get it here while it is hot…..


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