Upgrading to the latest dd-wrt firmware version

If you’re one of those who braved to install DD-WRT and is at lost on how to upgrade to the latest version, then this is for you. You can check your current installed version on the upper-right side of your router’s web-interface. The latest version is v24-sp1.

First of all, what is DD-WRT?

DD-WRT is a third party developed firmware released under the terms of the GPL for many ieee802.11a/b/g/h/n wireless routers based on a Broadcom or Atheros chip reference design.

Most of the consumer router products from ASUS, Linksys, D-Link, Buffalo, Belkin, Netgear, Motorola, etc. are supported by this firmware.

Upgrading to the latest version is a few steps and is very easy. But before we go on the actual upgrade process, I’d like to remind the following pre-cautions:

  • Backup your current config
  • If you’re using a laptop, make sure that you have FULL battery or better if your connected to a power source.
  • Never, ever use WIFI, use wired connection
  • Use http, the upgrade will not continue if you use https

Now, on the actual upgrade process:

  1. Find and download the latest DD-WRT version for your router here.
  2. Login to the router’s web interface
  3. Go to Administration Tab > Firmware Upgrade
  4. Click browse and find the firmware that you downloaded

    admin panel

  5. Make sure that you select “Don’t reset” after flashing
  6. Click Upgrade
  7. It will take sometime for the upgrade to complete. Sit back and relax.
  8. After the upgrade, the router will automatically reboot itself.

    upgrade successful

  9. Once the router is up, check on the upper-right side of the web interface to confirm the latest version

check new version


Enjoy your stable and enterprise grade router at a cheap… 😉


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