Turbo-charge your WordPress blog using Google Gears

What is Google Gears?

Google Gears (or GG) is an open source browser extension that lets developers create web applications that can run offline. Gears provides three key features:

  • A local server, to cache and serve application resources (HTML, JavaScript, images, etc.) without needing to contact a server
  • A database, to store and access data from within the browser
  • A worker thread pool, to make web applications more responsive by performing expensive operations (such as the code that synchronizes data between your server and users’ computers) in the backgroun

It enables web applications such as Google Reader and Google Docs to feel more like an offline application like MS Word or Excel.

It does this by storing information on your machine allowing you to read, edit and update “data” from the internet without actually being connected. And then, the next time you connect to the internet it synchronises with the website, uploading any changes you’ve made, and downloading any changes/updates that have been made on the site.

On WordPress it is used to store all images and other web page components from the admin area to the user’s PC, speeding up access and reducing unnecessary web traffic.

This is just the basic explanation, click here if you want to know more on how it works.

So how to take advantage of GG  in WordPress?

We’ll that is easy since it is already integrated as of the latest WP version 2.6, the only thing for you to take advantage is to enable it. Read on…

  • Login to your WP as an admin
  • Once login, there will be a link at the upper right portion that says “Turbo”.

  • Clicking on it will give you the following window, select install now:

  • It will direct to Google Gears page. Install Gears means two things; if your using linux and Firefox it will download a .xpi extension, if your using Windows it will download GearsSetup.exe. In order to take effect, it will require the browser to be restarted.
  • Take note as of the present, it only support Firefox 1.5+ and Internet Explorer 6+
  • After restarting the browser, you need to give permission to Gears to work on WordPress. Login as admin and click Turbo again.

  • Click Enable Gears, select “I trust this site” and click Allow

  • After that Gears will download around 200+ files and store them on your PC. It will also update them when needed automatically in the background, no other actions are required.

The downloaded files will be used everywhere in the admin interface, speeding up every page load, enabling you to blog at faster than the speed of light.

Once installed, you can modify the Google Gears Settings and remove or denied sites that can utilize it.

*This performance gained is for the blogger/publisher only. Your blog will not load faster and will not have an impact on your viewers/visitors. If this is what you want, you can try this plugin WP Super Cache.


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