Tracking your Gmail account login

I am waiting for an appointment last night and it is still around 2 hours away and nothing to do. The good thing is that I brought my netbook (ASUS eeePC 1000H) with me.

I plan to read my 13K+ unread emails on my gmail account. So I fired up my netbook and tried to scan for WIFI.

What the…….nothing came up even though the area I am in is near Orchard Road. Where is the Wireless@SG access point? I thought they have blanketed the Shopping district and CBD area with multiple access point.

We’ll time is running so I pulled my mobile (HTC TYTN) and connected it to the netbook via wired connection. Using my SingTel’s “Broadband On Mobile” I was surfing in no time.

I check my Gmail account using different devices (desktop, laptops and mobile phones) and on different providers so it’s good to know tracking data (for personal and security reason) regarding:

where I am logging
how long am I login
and which type of access (this is important since I use different type of devices) 

Poking around Gmail’s web interface, once you are login there is a link at the bottom just above the Google Terms and Copyright


and clicking on “Details” will bring up a popup window where it shows the following":



Brilliant, this is what I am looking for!

There is an added bonus to “Sign out all other sessions”. It will logout all your Gmail sessions wherever you may be login except for the current one. Nice!


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