Taking Olympus D-SLR E-3 Into International Space Station

This coming October 2009, Olympus Corporation will celebrate its ninetieth anniversary.

To celebrate its ninety years of operation, Olympus is giving itself a gift: the Olympus Space Project. For this occasion, Dr Koichi Wakata, a Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronaut, will use the reliable Olympus E-3 D-SLR and ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses to snap the Earth from outer space inside Kibo module.

Dr Koichi Wakata

The Kibo is a Japanese experimental module within the International Space Station (ISS). It is the first Japanese module designed to allow longer stays by astronauts such as JAXA’s Dr Koichi Wakata. While inside Kibo, he will take pictures of Earth using the Olympus E-3 and ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses which were adapted to the needs of this particular mission.


Pictures taken from the Kibo will then be posted on Olympus’ web sites and shown at photo exhibitions. The Space Shuttle Discovery has carried Dr Wakata and his E-3 to the ISS as scheduled.


For the space mission, two high-grade pro lens units will be employed: the ZUIKO DIGITAL 11-22mm 1:2.8-3.5 and the ED 50-200mm 1:2.8-3.5 SWD. Manufactured at Olympus’ TATSUNO plant, these two lenses offer a wide optical range from wide angle to super telephoto and are splash and dust proof for outstanding reliability in unpredictable shooting circumstances.

Olympus Space Project equipment

  1. D-SLR: Olympus E-3
  2. Four Thirds lenses:
    • ZUIKO DIGITAL 11-22mm 1:2.8-3.5
    • ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 50-200mm 1:2.8-3.5 SWD
  3. Power Battery Holder: HLD-4


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