StarHub Mobile pre-paid customers roam in Malaysia at local pre-paid rates

This is indeed a good news for those who are on StarHub and frequently visit Malaysia…

Frequent travellers to Malaysia can now have peace of mind staying connected through their Singapore mobile lines, whether it is to make a phone call, send an SMS or access Internet services.

From today, StarHub Mobile pre-paid customers can enjoy mobile rates almost like a local mobile pre-paid user in Malaysia!  This resulted from a special agreement between StarHub and Malaysian mobile service provider U Mobile, to encourage roaming between the two countries. The roaming offer begins now till 31 January 2012.

The roaming special rates are available to all StarHub Mobile pre-paid customers, existing and new. New customers can get a StarHub Mobile pre-paid card from any StarHub Shop or authorised dealer. To enjoy this service, customers simply activate the roaming service by dialing *111# prior to travelling. When in Malaysia, they just need to log on to the U Mobile network. They can receive incoming calls or call back a Singapore phone number from as low as $0.25 per minute. The regular rate is at $0.79 per minute.

Said Ms Joanna Chan, Vice President of Personal Solutions, StarHub: "Malaysia is a top travel destination for the people in Singapore. Just in 2010, as many as 13 million tourists from Singapore visited Malaysia! Come weekend and any public holiday, we will see tens of thousands here crossing the border for the food, shopping, visiting friends or relatives, or for a short get-away from home.  And while we are in Malaysia, we all need to stay connected, ideally on the same Singapore mobile number that we are associated with. This roaming offering provides those who frequently visit Malaysia significant tangible savings for their mobile usage from their Singapore line so that they won’t have to miss a phone call, SMS or email on their trip


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