starhub maxonline broadband down

we’ll nobody’s bloggin’ about it so let me start…..

at around 10pm today, one of singapore’s biggest broadband provider, starhub maxonline broadband, went down for around 20-30mins. this is certainly not a scheduled maintenance since they have no scheduled for today. aside from that, there’s an insider info that their call center suddenly went into balistic. they started bombarded with calls who wants to know what happened.

after a few minutes the connection was restored, traffic chatter started at pinoyitdotsg discussing about their experienced. some tried rebooting their pc/laptop. others tried rebooting their router/modem to no avail. a funny guy even joke that he’s on the verge of loosing his temper and about to smash his laptop when the connection came back.

it’s a funny and weird experience in this land where the internet connection is almost free and everywhere and downtime like this is such a rare occurence….

i can’t wait what the papers will say tomorrow…..


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