Nokia e61, apps and ssh client for Symbian Series

Its been awhile since I had my Nokia e61, the so called “crackberry” phone since it somewhat compete with devices made by RIM (Research In Motion), maker of Blackberrys. Actually, it bears more than a striking resemblance to the Motorola Q and the RIM BlackBerry 8700 series.

e61 closeup

With all its glory reviewed here and here, I only used a couple of applications daily which is the reason why I bought this phone. These are:

  • Nokia Web Browser The Nokia E61 browser is a non-nonsense, no comprise web browser that gives you the closest experience possible to a PC browser. Opening and rendering advanced web pages with all pictures and banners over WLAN connection takes only SEVERAL SECONDS! It is the new Symbian OS 9.1’s optimizations making the S60 3rd Edition devices that fast.
  • Email — It has a dedicated email button on the right of the joystick which is very convenient, it provides all typical functions. E61 fully supports POP3 and IMAP4 accounts and allows automatic email retrieval (headers only, size limit, full messages and attachments), which can be limited to home network only.
  • GMail App — Yes, this is a java-based application that runs on E-Series phones and provide the look and feel of gmail. There’s a thread here on how to configure the app.
  • Putty — Hmm, such a weird name eh. Actually, this is a ssh client implementation ported specifically for the Symbian. The application is an open source project and is hosted in Sourceforge. Get it “PuTTY for Series S60 v3

On how to configure putty for passwordless login here…


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