Smart Communications won ‘Green Mobile Award’ at Global Mobile Phone congress

With all the rage in going green, I am delighted that this news came from a Philippine Telco. It is good to know that they are exploring alternative source of energy. They were the first to setup a wind-powered cell site in the country.

MANILA, Philippines – For its program promoting the use of wind and solar energy to power cell sites in remote areas of the country, leading wireless services provider Smart Communications has won the newly introduced “Green Mobile Award” at the 2009 global congress of the mobile phone industry.

Smart’s Alternative Power for Cell Sites program uses renewable energy sources to power cell sites in “off-grid locations” or areas where setting up and operating a cell site is not normally feasible.

To date, Smart has about 68 cell sites in different areas across the
Philippines powered by renewable energy. Of this figure, 41 are run by wind energy while 27 are hybrid – using both wind and solar energy.

Smart, through its network services division, started working with a local vendor in December 2006 to set up the Philippines’ first wind-powered cell site in Sitio Guimbitayan in Malapascua Island, an island northeast of Cebu province in the Visayas region. After several studies, Smart started to formalize and intensify its Alternative Power for Cell Sites program in 2008.

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