SheevaPlug: A $100 Linux wall-wart like appliance

Marvell Semiconductor is shipping a hardware/software development kit suitable for always-on home automation devices and service gateways. Resembling a "wall-wart" power adapter, the SheevaPlug draws 5 Watts, comes with Linux, and boasts completely open hardware and software cloudengines_pogoplugdesigns, Marvell says.

Designed from the ground up to simplify the management of digital media assets, the Marvell plug computer is designed to be left plugged into a wall socket at all times. The plug uses low power to conserve energy and draws on average, less than five watts under normal operation compared to 25-100 watts for a PC being used as a home server.



marvell_sheevaplug1In typical use, the SheevaPlug draws about as much power as a night-light. Yet, with 512MB each of RAM and Flash, and a 1.2GHz CPU, the unobtrusive device approaches the computing power found in the servers of only a decade ago.






Furthermore, the platform is available in single quantities, and is priced within reach of students, hobbyists, and tinkerers. Its hardware design is completely open — everything from schematics to Gerber files will be available on a website, Marvell said. For those that do wish to build products on the platform, volume pricing could fall to $50, Marvell expects.


The SheevaPlug is an "ideal platform for in-home service delivery,"





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