Server Monitor: Extend PHPSysinfo to your desktop

If you’ve been following my discussion on how to monitor shared-hosting server health status using PHPSysinfo here — setup PHPSysinfo.

And now, you can extend that monitoring to your desktop via Server Monitor Widget using Yahoo Widgets engine.

Get the widget:, click “Get It”. It will install first the Yahoo Widget engine and the widget.

Once installed, you should have a floating widget similar to this:

Click to enlarge: Widget server monitor

The only configuration that you need to do is to point to the location of your phpsysinfo installation. Right click the widget and select “Widget Preferences”.

Widget preference

URL location should be something like Replace the xxx with your domain name.

The current version only support one server at a time. There are request to have support for multiple servers and according to the developers, it is currently in the works. 


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