ROOTCON Cebu City: 5th Hacker Conference and Information Security Gathering

How can you protect your network and your business operations from the unexpected? The continuing reports of new exploits, insider attacks, website defacements, phishing, identity theft and security breaches on banks amplify the need for in-depth understanding across all disciples of information security.  Where can you find insights needed to combat these threats?

ROOTCON: 5th Hacker Conference and Information Security Gathering”, the eagerly anticipated information security event will commence on September 9 – 10, 2011 at Parklane International Hotel, Cebu City.  This is the best way to meet and discuss issues pertaining to security of your corporate network and personal computers.  Expand your knowledge of topics including Evilution of Telephony, IPv6 Security: Foiling the Hackers, Man in the Middle Attack on SSL with BackDoored After Effect, PenTesting Web Applications, Quantifying Patch Management, Reversing Android Application, Spotting Web Vulnerability, Virtualization: A New Risk and Zeus The God of all Cyber Theft.

Expected participants are underground hackers, crackers, IT Managers, Security Analysts, SysAds, Network Engineers, academe, students and other corporate organizations.

Register now for this unique security convention. 

Early bird is available until June 30, 2011

Corporate sponsors are welcome to participate. 

Email and visit the sites and

Learn how you can identify your network’s true vulnerabilities; safeguard your data and private information.  Plus join our live Q&A sessions, public hacking contests, where our IT experts are available to answer your toughest questions.


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