Possible Android Boot Camp in Singapore

CodeAndroid is try to look into the possibility in organizing an Android Developers Boot Camp in Singapore. They would like to see the level of interest that may arise for such an event.

According to chuazy, posted in CodeAndroid.org:

I am now talking with some Google employees as to arranging a developers boot camp in Singapore to teach the developers here on how to develop Android applications. Because of the resources available in Google Singapore, it will be great if we can have an indication of how many people in Singapore will be interested in attending such a workshop/boot camp so as the justify the resources that will be put in.

I am not a developer but I have a vested interest in the Android platform. The more developers available, the more applications will be developed paving the acceptance of Android into the mainstream market. It will be a plus point for the users and more competition for the iPhone… 🙂

Join the discussions here.


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