Panasonic using Open Source Software (OSS) on its Viera Series LCD TV

We recently bought a TV during the last IT show, a Panasonic Vierra LCD HDTV. Not the latest model but good enough for our needs, at least it has 100hz IPS panel. During my exploration of its menus, I stumbled upon this:


yes, that is a GNU L/GPL license.

Apparently, Panasonic is using AM micro-controller series which in turn is using an embedded version of Linux called AM-Linux.


These are the following OSS they are using as stated in the GPL and according to

  • autofs.tgz
  • dhcpcd.tgz
  • findutils.tgz
  • glibc.tgz
  • linux.tgz
  • mount.tgz
  • mtd.tgz
  • netkit.tgz
  • nettools.tgz
  • procps.tgz
  • sash.tgz

I am not exactly sure what are additional functionalities these should provide. I only found a button in the remote which bring out these applications:


It is pulling live real-time data via our broadband cable connection. It would be cool if I can customize where to fetch the data it is showing, like an RSS feed from my Google aggregated feed. But unfortunately there is no option to do it.

Newer models should already incorporated these technologies as well as the ability to browse the internet without additional hardware.


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