OpenNet, the Singapore NBN Initiative, launches App for Android Platform and iOS Plaftorms

OpenNet has created a free app for the Android Platform and OS Platform developed in conjunction with the continuing rollout of Next Gen Nationwide Broadband Network (NBN) in Singapore.

OpenNet is a joint venture between four partners – Axia NetMedia (Axia), Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel), Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and Singapore Power Telecommunications (SPT) – carries the heavy responsibility of building, managing and operating a truly open high quality fibre platform for Singapore’s Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN).

This fibre optic platform will be the key foundation of the Next Gen NBN, which is part of the Intelligent Nation 2015 or iN2015 blueprint to turn Singapore into a sophisticated city with seamless high-speed connectivity. OpenNet will deliver a resilient and robust fibre platform at least two and a half years ahead of schedule of the iN2015 vision, positioning for completion by 2012.

Being the key foundation of the Next Gen NBN, OpenNet will provide a competitive, yet neutral environment for all downstream operators, enabling the delivery of ultra-high speeds network of 1Gbps and above.

The app leverages on the popularity of the the Android and iOS devices in Singapore, and offers an alternative channel to information in a clear, concise manner that targets the approximately 300,000 households which have yet to be connected to Next Gen NBN. Households who had their Termination Points installed recently will also be able to check if they can subscribe to fibre broadband services.

The OpenNet app allows users to:

  • Check when the OpenNet installation will take place
  • Book a time for the installation if you had received our letter of offer
  • Interactive tour of the home installation process
  • Receive news and updates from OpenNet


Get it now:


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