Manage WordPress blog via mobile phone

If you’re looking to manage your WordPress install via a mobile phone, then the award winning WPhone plugin is exactly what you’re looking. It will create an option that you can select while logging in to replace the default admin interface with one designed for your phone:

It contains two versions of the mobile admin interface:

* Rich: designed for the iPhone / iPod Touch / WM6 and other phones supporting full Javascript and CSS featuring fancy AJAX and sliding menus. Personally tested on WM6…
* Lite: a lightweight, simple version designed for all other phone types (no Javascript or anything else required)


  • Speed

WPhone is fast. Not only are all pages pared down to their bare essential HTML, but each is GZIPed before it is sent off to mobile devices, saving bandwidth for those on slower connections…

  • Dual Compatibility

WPhone is designed to work and look good regardless of your mobile platform…

  • WordPress Compatibility

WPhone works with existing WordPress administration infrastructure, meaning that all “Edit This Post” links in most templates will work on-the-fly.

  • Hookable And Extensible

WPhone emulates the way that the core WordPress application approaches hooks in many ways, meaning that most sections of the custom interface are customizable by any aspiring plugin authors.

This plugin is designed for use with the latest version of WordPress, but will work with versions 2.1 and newer. Get it HERE.


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