LogMeIn Officially Support iPhone via LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone

I got an email from LogMeIn that they now officially support iPhone via an app called LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone. The app provides instant one-click access to your LogMeIn computers, directly from your Apple device.

That means you can support your LogMeIn-managed computers directly from your iPhone — no need to carry a laptop or be at your desk.  The app is now available at Apple Store for $29.99.  


With the LogMeIn Ignition app on your iPhone, it’s easy to provide IT support:

» Access computers even when you’re away from them
» Easily diagnose end user issues from anywhere
» Quickly resolve problems on a computer from any remote location

    Full Set of Features

  • Remote control
    Use files and programs on your remote Internet-connected computer as if you were sitting in front of it. LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone and iPod touch is compatible with Windows PCs running LogMeIn Pro, LogMeIn IT Reach or LogMeIn Free, and Mac OS X running LogMeIn Free.
  • Saved passwords
    With LogMeIn Ignition’s secure password storage, your remote computers are only one click away. Eliminate the hassle and headaches associated with trying to remember multiple passwords or access codes.
  • My Computers
    View a list of all your LogMeIn connected computers, as well as their online/offline status and the groups they’re associated with.
  • Touch screen navigation & full keyboard
    Zoom, scroll and select all with just a flick of your fingertips. And when you need to type, activate a full on-screen QWERTY keyboard, or use any of the special keyboards, including function keys, tab, ESC and navigation arrows.
  • Computer-specific option settings
    Optimize your remote control experience by locking the remote computer’s keyboard, blanking the remote screen, adjusting screen resolution and more.
  • Fast & secure
    LogMeIn Ignition for the iPhone and iPod touch provides always-on security, and uses the same 256-bit SSL encryption as LogMeIn Pro, IT Reach and Free to encrypt and protect your remote connection over public networks. Combined with patent-pending technology for direct, point-to-point connections for optimal speed and performance, LogMeIn provides the security you need when accessing your information remotely.
  • Easy setup
    Unlike other remote access applications, LogMeIn Ignition is easy to set up, even for the non-technical user. There are no firewall settings to be updated, no router configuration, no ports to be opened up or re-routed, and no need for static IP addresses.




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