Linux Starter Pack: The Beginners Guide to All Things Open Source

Are you new to the wonderful world of Linux? Or are you looking for an easy way to get started? We’ll you’re lucky since TuxRadar made a complete 130-page Linux Starter Pack to get grips with the OS in hours rather than weeks or months.


According to TuxRadar, a sister site of the popular UK-based LinuxFormat Magazine:

We put the Linux Starter Pack on sale one year ago, and in our quest to support the community we’re giving it away as a free download.

It is a complete guide to using Linux, taking you from beginner level to an intermediate user with ease. We’ll show you how to install Linux, navigate around the desktop, use common software, add more programs and fix any problems that may arise.



The Ubuntu distro used in the guide based on a slightly older version of Ubuntu Linux so there may be some minor differences with newer releases, but you can always download the latest version from or get a CD sent by post at

Once you’re comfortable on using Linux, try to visit They provides all the news, tutorials, tips and features you need to get more from your OS. It’s an essential read for all Linux users!


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