JoikuSpot: Instant 3G WIFI hotspot using Symbian phones (S60)


JoikuSpot, which is currently on beta, is a software based application that allows your WIFI-enabled Nokia phone to act as a Wireless hotspot.

Quoting Joiku website:
“Multiple devices can connect to JoikuSpot in parallel and seamlessly share the same 3G internet connection. JoikuSpot acts thus as an internet gateway to external WLAN devices.”

This will enable you to share your 3G connection peer-to-peer wirelessly via WIFI to compatible devices with WLAN capability like Laptop, UMPC, iPod Touch and most of all iPhone. This a good news, perfect for Smart P10/30min rate.

This is very helpful specially if your devices does not have bluetooth.



Instant WIFI HotSpot, peer-to-peer
Support Multiple connection at the same time
Cordless (look ma, no wire)

Disadvantage (for now):
No security, every WIFI-enabled devices can connect as long as it is within range.

The initial features of JoikuSpot Light:
– Sharing the phone’s 3G internet connection over WLAN to external devices
– HTTP and HTTPS protocol support
– Routing of the connection to pre-defined homepage (
– Showing the status of established connections via JoikuSpot
– Discovery of the open JoikuSpot by external WLAN devices
– Symbian v3 OS support

System Requirements:
JoikuSpot installs to Smartphones with Symbian v3 OS with WLAN and 3G capability.
Compatibility with all S60 devices is not yet tested, but should work on almost all of the latest Nokia Symbian s60 v3 Smartphone models. Some early s60 v3 models with very old firmware may . The cure for such is to update the phone’s firmware to a newer one. JoikuSpot needs to be turned on to share the internet access. Please note that when you turn JoikuSpot on, you allow external devices to access internet via your phone.


“JoikuSpot, a Very HotSpot: Free – Instant – Easy”


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