Gmail Undo Send Feature: The Ability to Recall/Undo Sent Message

Google has just introduced one of the must have feature of an email system: an undo send extension.


Sometimes you are in a hurry and fire up a quick email only to found immediately after that you notice a mistake. Maybe you forget to attach a file or worst send the wrong info to the wrong person. It’s good the have the ability to recall the message albeit you only have a few seconds to do it, after that the message will be sent.

If you send an email and try to recall it within the 5 seconds window, it will bring you back to the edit window and you can correct the mistake immediately.


The extensions needs to be enabled from the Gmail labs. If you want to access the extensions, go to your Gmail Settings (top right menu) and click the Labs tab. You’ll find the undo send extension in there, enable it and click save. You’ll see a new “Undo” link on every sent mail confirmation. Click “Undo,” and it will grab the message before it’s sent and take you right back to compose.



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