Globe WiMAX now Deployed in Selected Provincial Areas including Cagayan

According to an Inquirer report, Globe Telecom has now deployed WiMAX in selected areas in Cagayan, Cavite, CAMANAVA and Cebu.

WiMAX Antenna


In a press conference, Globe Consumer Broadband Group Head Menchi Orlina said the high-speed wireless Internet service is geared towards areas that have limited or no available fixed broadband access.

Orlina explained that major cities in the Philippines could already avail of either fixed-line broadband or HSPA (high speed packet access) services, which provide speeds of up to 512 kilobits per second.

She noted that the penetration of Internet usage in the Philippines remains low—currently at about 14 percent of the total population—especially in the provinces.

WiMAX is a complementary wireless broadband technology to cellular technology. WiMAX is closer to Wifi (wireless fidelity) but provides much higher bandwidth and larger coverage.

Current HSPA services offer up to 512 Kbps but Globe’s WiMAX-powered broadband service can deliver up to 1 megabit per second.




The bandwidth and range of WiMAX make it suitable for the following potential applications:

  • Connecting Wi-Fi hotspots to the Internet.
  • Providing a wireless alternative to cable and DSL for "last mile" broadband access.
  • Providing data and telecommunications services.
  • Providing a source of Internet connectivity as part of a business continuity plan. That is, if a business has a fixed and a wireless Internet connection, especially from unrelated providers, they are unlikely to be affected by the same service outage.
  • Providing portable connectivity.


A WiMAX system consists of two parts:

  • A WiMAX tower , similar in concept to a cell-phone tower – A single WiMAX tower can provide coverage to a very large area — as big as 3,000 square miles (~8,000 square km).
  • A WiMAX receiver – The receiver and antenna could be a small box or PCMCIA card , or they could be built into a laptop the way WiFi access is today


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