Globe Telecoms rolled-out its first commercial WiMAX service

This is good news and more options for the consumer in time for more uptake in the bandwidth hungry applications and mobile audio/video streaming.

image WiMAX uses the 802.16 standard developed by the WiMAX Forum. Currently, it has a maximum bandwidth speed of up to 70 megabits per second. Current cellular-based HSDPA (high speed downlink packet access) Internet services, can deliver only up to 5 Mbps bandwidth to users.

WiMAX can offer greater flexibility but it is largely for data transmission. 3G cellular networks can do both data and voice. The only limitation will be on the bandwidth allocation for both data and voice in 3G, which can affect both services.

In addition, 3G can be used on a geographically wider area allowing for voice communications anywhere. WiMAX would be deployed as a wide area network service.

But in order to take advantage of this VAS, you need to have a WiMAX ready equipment similar to but not compatible to WIFI or 3G hardware.

Why can’t they just make a standard hardware to take advantage of all this services? Or better yet, adopt only one standard for wireless broadband.

Globe said that subscribers would get a maximum bandwidth of up to 512 kilobits per second at P795 per month under its WiMAX-powered Globe Broadband service.

The hardware is provided by Intel and is now promoting its WiMAX modules to hardware manufacturers, just as it did when it pushed its WiFi components to manufacturers. Globe Telecoms and Intel collaborated in joint trial project WiMAX deployment through Intel in plant Cavite before the commercial deployment.

Meanwhile, Smart Communications is already planning trials of WiMAX, although the timetable was not disclosed according to Public Affairs Head Ramon Isberto.

Want to know how WiMAX works?


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