Fixing a Noisy USB Laptop Cooler Pad

I bought a cheap laptop USB cooler pad a few months back to use with my Asus laptop which has a discreet graphics card. Although I enjoyed the extra power of having a dedicated GPU, I can’t barely contain the heat that it is generating, even if the power setting is set on Balanced mode.

The cooler pad does work and able to decrease the heat by around 30%. But after a few months of normal usage, the fan in the cooler pad started to sound like a little engine whining to the point of being unbearable specially in a quiet room. This is probably due to the weight of the laptop and the typing pressure being applied on it everyday.


For a quick fix, I detached the fan as shown above and put a lubricant in the fan middle joint. The whirling sound quick fade away and it feels like new again. If you don’t have a lubricant, you can also use cooking oil it and it will have the same effect.



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