DOST ASTI hosting Centos and Other Linux/BSD Mirror

I was playing with some of the virtual machines running on my “hosted ESX” (ESX running as a guest vm on VMware Workstation 7, that’s two levels of virtualization, trying to gauge the responsiveness and network utilization of the Virtual Infrastructure.

In one of the newly installed Centos guest, I fired up yum to update the system and it immediately searched for the nearest and fastest mirror. Since the server is located in Singapore, I was expecting it will pick any of the local mirrors (,,, and to my surprised the ASTI-hosted mirror ( replied to my update request:


A quick check on the website and found out that PSciGrid was recently launch by ASTI as a Research and Education Networks:

ASTI launched the Philippine e-Science Grid or PSciGrid. PSciGrid is the Philippines’ first national e-science grid infrastructure. E-Infrastructures allow distributed computing, data, and storage resources to be shared among users from remote locations. These use high speed networks called Research and Education Networks (RENs), and are intended mainly to support research and education, or scientific investigations such as studies on climate change and drug discovery.

The PSciGrid is comprised of the combined computing resources of ASTI, UP Computational Science Research Center (UP-CSRC), and Ateneo de Manila University School of Science and Engineering (AdMU-SoSE), with the total combined power of 33 compute nodes with an equivalent capacity of 200 CPUs; 12.5 terabytes of disk space; and 509 gigabytes of memory.


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