BitLet: Simple and easy web-based torrent client for everyone

From wikipedia entry:

BitLet, short for BitTorrent Applet, is a BitTorrent program that enables the use of file sharing protocol inside any Java-enabled web browser, without the need of an external dedicated client program.

BitLet is a very simple and easy BitTorrent applet that lets you download any torrent file directly in your browser.

Downloading a torrent is a 2-step process.

  1. The user first needs to obtain a valid torrent metafile URL. This is the .torrent link.
  2. The user then copies the URL to BitLet’s main page and clicks the download link, initiating the downloading process.

All the sharing is done by the user’s computer, who is actively uploading and downloading as long as the program window is opened.

This system also allows webmasters to easily distribute files using the BitTorrent protocol without requiring the visitors of their sites to install and know how to use a BitTorrent client.

To do that, a webmaster needs to find a tracker that directs the BitTorrent downloads and uploads of his file, host the .torrent file, and then display a link in his site, prefixing a URL code to the torrent’s online location. The BitLet site provides a code generator to create the HTML for that link. Some sites that distribute torrent files already provide such links along with the URL to their torrents, including Fenopy and Suprnova.


  • Web-based, you only need a browser to start downloading/uploading eliminating the need to install additional bit torrent client software
  • Support download resuming. Every time you restart a download just click save in the same location where you saved the download the first time (the applet will propose it by default), and your download will be resumed.
  • It can upload or seed. Keep the download window opened as long as possible even after it has reached the 100%.
  • You can cycle between upload/download statistics clicking on the arrows (arrow up,arrow down) on the top of the download window.
  • westream applet allows you to listen to music you’re streaming using BitTorrent. And it runs, as always, directly from your Java-enabled browser. The applet will scan the torrent for files that are suitable for reproduction and provide you with a web interface to control playback and volume.

This is a fully functional and capable bittorrent client but compared to its desktop siblings, functionality is rather limited…well for now.


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