ARM enters the Netbook market, demo’s slim Linux low-power prototypes

The UK chip company ARM is preparing to make its move into the netbook market. It has shown off a few prototype designs that really show off the benefits of using the ARM platform.

Some of the major plus points of the ARM platform are

  • passive cooling thereby eliminating the need for fans,
  • enabling ARM Netbook to be much thinner and lighter than their Intel counterparts.  


A few notes about the demo prototype:

  • They are all capable of driving HD content,
  • can surf the web for 8 hours,
  • and will cost round and about 250 USD.
  • They are all focused on Ubuntu;
  • ARM and several of its licensees have worked with Canonical to bring their ARM-port up to speed.

The list of prototypes are pretty impressive. I can’t wait to see them in the market soon.


image image image image image image image image image


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